Amazon Prime Review 2020

Amazon Prime offers far more than just getting stuff delivered for free.

What is Amazon Prime?

Free One-Day Delivery

Free one day delivery on orders fulfilled by Amazon. Not only do you get free delivery but it'll be with your in a flash. No minimum order price, unlike non-prime customers. Get items delivered to a residential or office address and now even to a locker ready for you to collect at a later time.

Premium Content At Discounted Prices

Prime customers are able to benefit from services such as Amazon Prime Video. Prime Video is Amazon's answer to a media streaming service, providing access to thousands of TV shows and films. Some exclusive to Amazon.

Access To Over 2,000,000 Songs With No Adverts

Now you can use Spotify for free music streaming, but you need to be prepared to stop for adverts. With Prime Music, you can listen to your songs through the Amazon website, using the app, on an Echo and can even create your own playlists of your favourite hits.

What do you get with Amazon Prime ?

Amazon Prime (which I cover in another review click here) isn’t just a way to get major discounts but also a way to get exclusive and unlimited access to books, magazines, music, movies, shows and unlimited cloud storage for photos.

Amazon Prime Video – movies and TV shows on-demand

Amazon Prime includes Prime Video, the premium content subscription service which you can access via a Fire TV Stick or 4K Fire TV Stick.

Some shows that are currently available on Prime Video include Man in the High Castle, Transparent, Mr. Robot, and Vikings, too list a few. Movie buffs should see our round up of the best movies available on Prime Video this month. Prefer TV instead? We also have a round up of the best TV shows on Prime Video.

Prime Reading – unlimited access to books, comics, and magazines

Amazon Prime membership also gets you unlimited access to thousands of books, current magazines, comic books, Kindle Singles and plenty of other content. The access is unlimited and you don’t need a separate Kindle e-reader to view the content – only the free Kindle app. Of course, the app comes pre-installed on all Amazon Fire tablets.

Prime members also get advanced access to one of six books selected by six Amazon editors before the book is officially released.

Prime Music – ad-free, curated music

Prime Music gives you access to two million songs, with no adverts.

You can use Spotify for free music streaming, but you need to be prepared to stop for adverts.

With Prime Music, you can listen to your songs through the Amazon website, using their app, on an Echo and can even create your own playlists of your favourite hits.

As a Prime member, you can choose to upgrade your music to Prime Music Unlimited. This will give you access to 40 million songs!

Lightning Deals – exclusive Prime early access to limited-time offers

Of course, one of the main benefits of having an Amazon Prime account is to access exclusive deals and discounts. Amazon’s Lightning Deals are temporary flash sales that happen once a day. The deals are often timed or last until there is still stock available.

The advantage of a Prime membership is that you have access to Lightning Deals 30 minutes ahead of anyone else, which means you can avoid the rat race of getting those headphones or gaming keyboards before they’re all out.

Prime Photos – secure, unlimited photo storage

These days with modern phones, running out of photo storage space on your phone becomes inevitable. With an Amazon Prime account, you also get Prime Photos, which gives you unlimited storage space. You can keep all your pictures in one place and you don’t have to downsize them either to a lower resolution.

Prime Photo lets you access your photos from anywhere and from any device (your desktop, iOS or Android devices), and share your photos as well. Click here to get the Prime Photos app for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

How to get Amazon Prime

Once you’ve finished your free Amazon Prime trial, you have two options.

You can pay an upfront cost for the year. This will give you all the benefits of Amazon Prime for an entire year.If paying up front will be tough on your budget or puts you off, you can choose to pay Amazon Prime monthly. Paying monthly will cost you more per month, so yearly subscriptions are a great idea if you can afford the one off bill.

Paying monthly is more expensive overall versus paying a one-off fee, but it can be easier to manage the smaller costs, and it gives you the option to cancel from month to month if you need the cash for something else.

Keeping your membership as monthly still gets you all the same benefits as paying annually.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Whether or not Amazon Prime is worth it depends on how much you’ll use it.

If you order through Amazon, whether that’s stuff for yourself, gifts for birthday and Christmas, or even order your groceries from Amazon, then it will start to pay for itself.

That’s not taking into account all the other stuff that gets thrown in.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Although we could list the Amazon Prime prices here, to avoid the possibility of having out of date prices.

What is also worth noting is that by taking the annual subscription you will save even more when compared with the monthly option.

How can you get Amazon Prime for free?

Amazon offers a generous 30 day free trial to people who want to give Amazon Prime a shot.

After 30 days, if you choose to keep your Prime membership, you can get a lower price per month than the regular Prime subscription cost if you subscribe to a full year.

Other Web Services

Free delivery: Unlimited One-Day Delivery on millions of items, Same-Day Delivery and 1 and 2 hour delivery slots in select areas.
Prime Video: Unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows.
Prime Music: Stream a growing selection of over two million songs. Unlock 40 million songs with Amazon Music Unlimited, plus get an exclusive discount.
Prime Pantry: Low-priced essential household items delivered for a flat delivery fee.
Prime Reading: Unlimited reading on any device, with over a thousand books, magazines, comics, articles, Kindle Singles, and more.
Amazon First Reads: Choose one Kindle book of the six Editors’ Picks each month for no additional cost.
Prime Photos: Secure unlimited photo storage with anywhere access.

Can you cancel after the 30 days free trial?

Of course, being a means you’re on a tight budget. If that monthly subscription is eating into your coffee funds, you can cancel anytime.

User-Friendly Control Panel

As for improving rankings yes, it works and there are many positive reviews on the web.

Powerful Servers (Both VPS & Dedicated)

The Hoth had a private vault service, which allowed customers to gain backlink placements on websites such as USA Today and other ultra-high da sites.

Wide Range of Hosting Plans

In my opinion it works amazing and is a great service and is the closest thing to a push button method i have ever seen.

To conclude this Bluehost web hosting review

The aim of this Bluehost review is to give, both established and new web businesses, an insight into all the features and benefits of Bluehost web services. Whether you are a simple blogger looking to earn money through their blog, or an entrepreneur wanting to give their eCommerce business a boost, Bluehost is just the web host you need to take your enterprise to the next level.

While Bluehost might not be just as famous as other hosting companies, it is worth your trust as it will prove out to be one of the best decisions you take in regards to your website. Bluehost is especially ideal for beginners who have only one website to host and are looking for a cheap and reliable web host.

If you are searching for a professional, high-quality, and well performing hosting company you should check out Bluehost. It will meet and pass your expectations mostly because it comes with such an affordable price.

Apart from the sometimes slow support and pushy upsells, I cannot think of another noticeable con for this web host. It would be good if the basic plan would allow a bit more in terms of storage, but at this price this is just a small inconvenience since they are already offering a great deal overall.

In terms of pure page load times, we’ve tested faster similarly priced hosts for a single website.

But Bluehost does have a few things going for it that might make up for that, depending on your exact situation:

  • It’s much more user friendly than most cheap hosts. If you’re a beginner, this is a pretty huge benefit because you’ll have a significantly easier time managing your website.
  • You can host unlimited websites. That means if you need to host a whole network of websites, Bluehost may well be the best option.

In the end, if you’re just getting started with hosting a website or need to host a large number of websites, Bluehost offers good value for the money in terms of performance and features.

If you’re interested in BlueHost’s latest hosting offer click here.

Facts About Bluehost Web Hosting Services

Lightening Fast Servers

Bluehost have some of the fastest website responses on the planet. They achieve this by using a world wide CDN and server network to make sure your files are being served as close to your customers as possible.

Established 2005

Bluehost has been established for many years now. Where other hosting providers have been and gone, Bluehost have simply evolved into a top 20 hosting provider.

Recommended By WordPress, For WordPress

WordPress power over 25% of the websites on the internet today. They recommend Bluehost above all other hosting companies when choosing where to host your WordPress website.